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dream I had last night; long-distance relationship 

@KS but, do you really need to have that kind of reach? I'm quite satisfied with being able to talk to you, for example. Anything more is added value.

coding and IT 

coding and IT 

just to be absolutely clear williampitcock dot com is definitely NOT me, and is the same people who operate bryanostregaard dot com and mattstrout dot com. they are attacking freenode staffers, past and present.

Did you know that it’s a good day to hug your fox? It’s true!

One hundred and seventy-two percent of foxes surveyed* indicated that they are fond of hugs and affection! Also scratching behind their ears!

*Please note that touching a fox without permission is not advised. Survey results may have been skewed by over-exuberant foxes who answered multiple times. We are not responsible for any unintended side effects such as being loved forever, nibbling, inability to remove fur from clothes...

@KS that happens way too often ._.
Yet when I have time I don't make much of it.

"yeah, it's an oven outside"

*wind starts blowing*

"well, now it's a convection oven"


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